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Salt Harvest 2019

Turns out the ocean is full of salt. So we biked out and harvested some. Here’s how.

It’s Alive! (Annex #2)

The first plantings at Annex #2 are starting to fill out, and a few things are even ready to harvest!

The Latest

Here’s what we’ve been up to in our pedal-powered (solar powered) garden lately.


This is about SUNFLOWERS. Our plans for growing a “Geurilla Garden” sunflower patch this summer.

We’ve been busy!

It’s either earliest spring or late late winter. Either way, we’ve been busy in the gardens!

We had a WWOOFer today!

We had a local WWOOFer today.  He helped us mix up soil for soil blocking, make soil blocks, start onions and snap peas, get our compost pile started using a...

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January Planting

Darin will probably get a post in before this one goes up, [update: he did] but I’m really excited right now, so I wanted to write a bit.  This is the season...

Plans: January Edition

In about a month we’ll start seeding lots of early spring crops - hardy greens, radishes, onions, and more garlic….

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