We had a WWOOFer today!

We had a local WWOOFer today.  He helped us mix up soil for soil blocking, make soil blocks, start onions and snap peas, get our compost pile started using a combination of freshly-rotten Food Share pig food, 6 months of partially (and entirely) composted kitchen scraps, and assorted dry leaves.  We covered the whole compost pile with some metal mesh to keep the rats off, but we need to rat-proof the sides as well.  He also walked over to the community garden with us and did some weeding of volunteer radishes, and then we pulled up a bunch of bunches of volunteer garlic and took them back to our place to plant in garlic planters.  We didn’t want to grow the garlic at the community garden because there’s rumor of a garlic disease there.  We didn’t want to put the garlic in the ground at our place lest we spread a potential garlic disease.  So into planters at our place it went.  Looking forward to using that compost once it composts!