Planning Season


We borrowed a sewing machine earlier this week from someone we pet sit for, and spent a couple days making curtains for our kitchen shelving using material someone gave away through Buy Nothing. Yesterday Darin picked up used metal electrical conduit for the curtain rods to hang them on. It looks old-school and exactly as amateur as it is, and it totally hides our food.

Since we had the sewing machine, I looked around for other sewing projects that require a sewing machine, and we built me a wool skirt using wool fabric we got from SCRAP a while back.  Then I built a very ridiculous (adorable) matching pointed hat for the skirt (with a pom pom on top!) using offcuts, and then we reupholstered a few director chairs.  It was a really long day!  But it was a lot of fun.

Also we built shelves for tea, which took a day, but now we have a place for tea.


I need to find a new home for some of the houseplants on the window sill so we can make room for starts!

ANYWAY, I think that was the day we were scheduled to go over to the university library and start planning out the gardens.  But we had a potluck yesterday, and we got confirmation that we can borrow another bikes at work trailer from our friend.

So now we just have to make walls for the bikes at work trailers, and we can haul lots of compost over to Annex #2.  We are also going to build a food compost pile using pallets lined with cardboard and we will pick up a couple loads of rotting pig scraps from the St Johns Food Share so we can get a big load of compost going on our own so we don’t have to haul it from across town again!

We need to take a look at our seed collection and assorted recommendations for planting.  And this is the month to seed radishes outdoors!  Hurray!

Also I think inspections are coming soon at the community garden plot, so we need to head over there and make sure it’s looking good.


I’m reading “Farming While Black” and it is a really good read!  Someone has it on hold after me at the library, and it’s due.  I will have to check it back out again.