Spring Gardening

The sun has been out!  Our WWOOFer said it was 71°F the other day!  Loving it.  In just two hours a day, our enthusiastic WWOOFer has gone above and beyond and helped us with:

  • Annex #2 - install the sand-and-compost bed over lawn and seed it with mustard, and that will later be succession planted with tomatoes

  • Community garden - Transplanted the rest of the garlic and thinned the raspberries

  • Weed at Annex #2 AND the community garden plot.  We got a nice bag of weeded radish and bittercress greens out if it.

  • Plant cabbage and kale and onion and leeks starts at Annex #2.  We also seeded carrots and mustard and radish and lettuce and fava beans.  So now we need to remember to water the carrots every day that it doesn’t rain for the next two weeks, which reminds me, it’s high time to install that rain barrel over there!

  • Install a couple more French cleated shelves in the living room window so we have room to grow more indoor starts, especially more nightshades.  I’m excited about ground cherries.

  • Make some soil blocks and seed ‘em out with strawberry seeds.

  • Get “verified” with WWOOF USA, which is two hours long and involves photography and an interview (ok actually that happens after they leave)

  • Dig a foot-deep hole and put together a rat-proof compost bin that’s lined with bricks on the bottom.

  • And!  On top of all that, has the time to host “All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds”, a reparations event at our local library.  And! Made friends with our neighbors.

In other news, the peas are coming up at Annex #2!  The ones we thought died in the frost! So are the radishes! We planted more peas anyway, because you’re supposed to succession plant them.  Also, I just realized I seem to use “succession plant” interchangeably to mean “planting the same thing several times in the same place, separated by time” and “planting a different thing in the same bed, like tomatoes after mustard”.  I should look into the actual definition.

The first round of remaining starts will be transplanted into larger containers soon.

Darin picked up an LED bar light that cost a whole lot less than a fancy grow light and that should work as well.  I think that since we’re past the equinox, we shouldn’t need it since it uses electricity, but I guess we’ll get a better yield this way anyway.

Darin started an experimental bokashi compost bucket using invasive flower bulbs.

We’re starting to get the hang of the soil sprouts routine, now we need to figure out scaling it up.

Tomorrow me & Darin are biking to SE and hauling back compost.