The Latest

Our first WWOOFer came back and stayed with the community house a block down the way.  And then came back and helped us out some MORE.  Which meant we got even more done than anticipated.  We got a whole basket full of succulent groundcover off the green roof in time for the plant exchange.

The plant exchange was great!  Lots of people took the groundcover for around their paving stones. Darin ran home and grabbed my houseplanter that has like a dozen different kinds of succulent, spider plants, and beans in it.  It went to someone who says they know how to keep plants alive.  So hopefully that’s a good home for it, and now we have more precious window space for starts and sprouts.  We adopted horseradish, a couple perennial brassicas, some rain garden plants, hops (which I want to grow for my dad), a patch of thyme, and seeds of calendula, nettle, and milkweed that’s from around these parts.

The new set of WWOOFers are on a car road trip, but I’ve got one of them wondering about bike touring for transportation.  And the other one got to practice riding a bike!

Yesterday one of them hauled sand over to Annex #2 on the recumbent tandem with Darin while me and the other one pruned raspberries (the raspberry leaves are now in the dehydrator for tea, so I guess it worked out that we waited too long to thin them) and weeded at the community garden.  After expanding the mustard bed at Annex #2, Darin and the other wwoofer came over to the community garden and helped us do some weeding.  Then we planted a beet bed.  We planted McGregor beets, some hybrids (we got that seed before we knew better), yellow beet tape, and something else beety. The McGregor beets are COOL!

Today at the community garden we did a bit more weeding and we planted out a carrot bed with some wasabi arugula and yellow turnips in it.  We thinned the volunteer radishes, but mostly we’ve been leaving them to pick as dinner greens on a regular basis.  We got a whole bunch to use for community dinner tomorrow night.

We dug a potato bed at Annex #2 today.  But I dug up a brick that was covering some sort of animal tunnel.  So I put the brick back and crossed my fingers that whatever used to live around there was long-gone and/or that they leave some potatoes for us.  We (me and the two WWOOFers) dug most of the bed while Darin was out getting potatoes.  Then we went over to the community garden plot and did the seeding mentioned above, then we came back with the potatoes and added a bit of compost and kelp meal and buried the potatoes. The WWOOFers could have been done for the day, but they wanted to see the filling of the trenches, and their help meant that we were able to get it all done in time to get Darin to work on time.

My dad says you don’t actually need to dig a trench, you can just pile soil on top of potatoes as they grow, but we were starting from lawn, so digging up some of the grass was probably a good idea.  The grass is going to be competing with the potatoes as it is.  But we planted 32 seed potatoes, so hopefully even with potential digging animals and lawny competition, we might get to harvest some for us.  Bonus: I learned today about the potato rake that the tool library has available for loan come harvest season!   NOW I learn about ridging using the loy.  Oh well, next time.

P.S.  I read somewhere that this is brassica planting month.