What we’ve been up to

The weather has been sunny lately!  Everyone’s outside.


  • Picked up some rotten food from the Food Share, metal rat-proof material, and found a couple more sources for coffee chaff.  We don’t have rats and we don’t want them, but we do want more compost!  So we’d better build that new compost pile soon.

  • Started de- maple seeding the green roof.  The thyme is doing well, I’m hoping the garlic will sprawl since the soil isn’t deep enough. While de-seeding, I learned that some ants have moved in where the green roof meets the house, so I guess we have to figure out how to “seal the envelope” around there.  Seeded some more thyme, corsican mint, and calendula.  As it turns out, green roofs are alive and as such can host living things.  But between the native plants and the thyme/mint/garlic/calendula, we’re hoping the roof won’t be TOO tasty to anything that might want to move in.

  • Darin and a couple couchsurfers built shelves for our living room window.  Now we have more plant starts growing space!  They used French cleats for the shelves so we can take the shelves down after plant starting season is over.

  • Pulled invasive flower bulbs (with the couchsurfers)

  • Planted more EMSWCD native plant sale plants

  • Darin’s been learning how to grow soil starts mostly using Chinese cabbage seeds and buckwheat.  The sunflower seeds we left too long and they were already too plant-like.

  • Got another old dehydrator from craigslist for drying when the harvest comes in.  Because we don’t have consistent sun around these parts ( but we need to build a solar dehydrator, too).  The dehydrator we have is always full with expired produce from the foodshare.


  • We transplanted the garlic from too-shallow planters back into the community garden plot.  One of the planters Darin just knocked the bottom off and stuck into the ground.  This disturbed the garlic in the planter quite a lot, but it also looks good, and the garlic will deal with it and be happy for the deeper soil.

  • Weeding the community garden, including some of the oats & peas cover crop.

  • Harvested some volunteer radishes, radish greens, and watercress.

  • Started pruning the raspberry floricanes.

  • Found a WWOOFer, who will be with us from the 19th to the 23rd.  We are hoping to get Annex #2 seeded out while he’s here.  We are starting to harden off the kale, cabbage, and onion starts to plant those out as well.  We plan to make Annex #2 our priority while the WWOOFer is in town.


  • Still gotta finish PLANNING the garden.  Ai yai yai.  We have a really big post in the works for planning, but we started it over a month ago.  Hopefully we’ll find the time to finish it some time soon!

  • Start more starts (especially the strawberries!)

  • Build the rat-resistant compost bin.

  • Finish digging the invasive flower bulbs.

  • Lots more.