Peas & Trellis

Annex 2 map 2.4.19.jpg

  • Taichung 13 - from Kitzawa Seed Co. in Oakland.  We had better germination with these starts than any of the other peas.

  • Carouby - from Annie’s.  I think these are a French snow pea?

  • Oregon Giant Sugar Pod - this was old seed and the germination rate was so low we gave the rest to someone who will probably make seed bombs with them.

  • Community Garden Plot Repair - I saved these from a “Plot Repair” (abandoned) plot at Portsmouth Community Garden a couple of years ago and just found them.  Pretty sure it’s a bush variety, but that’s all I remember.  Surprise peas!

Starts were seeded indoors January 20.  Seeds were put in water to soak January 30 (and really should have been planted a couple of days ago).

The trellis still needs string for the peas to climb, but I’ll get cheap jute or similar instead of the nice hemp I lashed the frame together with.

I planted all our climbing snow/snap/sugar* peas on the south side of the trellis and intend to plant the dry/soup/field peas we just got from SSE on the north side, since they’ll be up longer.  The New Vegetable Growers Handbook says we should have hardened off the starts (whoops - missed that when I skimmed it this morning) and doesn’t have much to say on pre-soaked seed except that it speeds germination in dry soils.  The Resilient Gardener, I believe, said that pre-soaking would help the seeds survive cold weather by germinating early…  we’ll see if it works!  We’ll probably plant the soup peas after this cold spell passes; maybe we can pre-soak half as an experiment this time.  We also still have some starts of Melting Sugar Pea that I didn’t get around to planting today because it was COLD out there!  I suppose we can harden those off properly this week.

*I continue to have a hard time keeping track of the difference between snow and snap peas, and several of them have “sugar” in the name.  Basically, the peas that are best for eating fresh.  Sometime between now and harvest we’ll have to figure out which is which.