It’s been raining

The rain is great!  Darin heard it was going to be raining, so we planted a bunch of things, and then haven’t had to water.  Strawberries are berrying, raspberries are about to, and the kale is SO GOOD.  Very tender.

No guests at the moment, we’ve been petsitting. Neighbor has a bunch of volunteer sunflower starts that we’re going to transplant to a mini bike path after it gets cleaned up.  Someone off Buy Nothing has a patch of land Darin might be able to use to grow corn.  Corn has to be grown separately if you want it to grow true.  We’re off to harvest salt from the ocean in mid-June.

But I really just wanted to say.  Someone dug up a sword fern today and it needed a new home, so we adopted it, and it looks SO AMAZING on our alley.  I hope it makes it!

Current reading: Miraculous Abundance: One Quarter Acre, Two French Farmers, and Enough Food to Feed the World