January Planting

Darin will probably get a post in before this one goes up, [update: he did] but I’m really excited right now, so I wanted to write a bit.  This is the season to be thinking about what we are growing for the year.  The reference we have sitting out on the table is Portland Nursery’s Veggie Calendar (pdf).

We got a seed blocker!  Which means we never need used disposable thin plastic pots again for seed starts.  This is exciting.  I am looking forward to starting starts with this.

In a couple weeks, according to that seed guide, we will probably use this seed blocker to start arugula, endives, kale, leeks, lettuce, mustard, onions, peas, and maybe spinach.  I don’t think we’ll start artichoke, they take up way too much space, and if you ask my taste buds, brussels sprouts fill the same niche.  I don’t have any plans for starting fava beans, but we’ll see whether Darin has any thoughts on that.

Outside, we can seed radishes in January.

On cover crops, to read more closely when I’m not running out the door.  Looks like it has good advice.